Tool overview

The concepts behind the tool

The tool is based on defining the following model that is a pictorial summary of the strategic intent of business.

The model is in the form of a Target Operating Model or TOM. The TOM starts with five key strategic questions (in blue above):

  • Why does the business exist? What is its reason for being?
  • Where does the business play?
  • How does the business succeed?
  • Who benefits from the business?
  • What value is created for each beneficiary group?

The core business processes on how the business will deliver are outlined in green.

The end result of successfully defining and implementing these different elements will result in increased margins and profits for the business.

Managerial strategies

Seven Managerial Strategies defined in this tool that impact all businesses (and are detailed within the TOM template) are:

Within each Managerial Strategy, a number of Critical Performance Areas are identified.

Key activities

The key activities behind using the tool and to encourage rapid interventions are:

A description of the critical performance area is provided to create awareness. An assessment consisting of questions aimed at gauging your company’s performance will assist you assess your current situation. Based on your responses, there is a list of possible actions to improve your performance.

We currently run workshops where you are introduced to the tool. You can find out more on the workshops by clicking on the following tab.