Implement or Die


Strategy is core to an organization’s success. Yet 67% of strategies fail to be implemented. Statistics show us that 50% of new business fail in their first five years. Could failure to implement strategy successfully be a key cause of business failure?


The good news is that most organizations that implement their strategy successfully realize a positive financial outcome. So how do you improve your business through implementing your strategy successfully?


The solutions that this book provides are tailored around a systematic, action-oriented approach to improving the performance of your business through successful strategy implementation. It takes you through a process of defining strategies and tactics by reviewing your current business practices against best practice. It will help you to define what you need to do to change for the better and will guide you through the pitfalls that will come your way. This is done in a simple, easy-to-implement way by providing you with the key concepts behind each of the management models together with actions needed for implementation.

I found the tool to be useful in gaining a quick understanding of the topic, in reviewing my business’ performance and in providing actions to follow. I particularly found the process intuitive and thorough whilst it broadened our thinking.

Mogen Naidoo – CEO, Qina Group (Pty) Ltd.

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