The economic devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. Recovery is not going to be immediate and will require perseverance and hard work.


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Below are several questions that you should ask yourself about your organization:

  • Have we reinvented our organizational strategy to cater to the economic challenges ahead?
  • Do we know how to market our product and services in a changed market?
  • Have we continued to expand our sales to existing customers?
  • Have we continued to grow our customer base?
  • Have we adjusted our operating model to face the new work realities?
  • Are our colleagues/employees prepared to face the new normal and make a difference?
  • Have we adapted our leadership style to cater to the current circumstances?

The SimplifyTOM platform is a task-orientated business management tool that will help you improve your organization’s performance.

If you cannot answer yes to each of these statements, then you have work to do.

The next question to ask yourself is how are you going to methodically work through each of these areas?

The SimplifyTOM tool provides you with:

  • Seven core managerial strategies;
  • These are divided into thirty critical performance areas covering all aspects of an organization giving you a quick understanding of each topic without getting bogged down in detail;
  • A self-analysis section for each critical performance area for you to determine how well your organization is performing; and
  • Actions for you to implement to improve your organization’s performance. Actions are supported with detailed “How to” explanations and templates.

This tool is not a plug and play solution. It will take time, effort, and teamwork to diligently go through the entire tool and apply the concepts to your organization.

The joy of the tool is that it gives you direction in a clear and concise manner leaving you to focus on devising and implementing solutions specific to your organization.

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I found the tool to be useful in gaining a quick understanding of the topic, in reviewing my business’ performance and in providing actions to follow. I particularly found the template intuitive and thorough whilst it broadened our thinking.

Mogen Naidoo – CEO, Qina Group (Pty) Ltd – IT Services, Intelligence and New Media Company