Frequently asked questions

The managerial strategies have been designed, as far as possible, to be independent of each other. In reality, they are interlinked and rely on each other.

The prioritization template (see “Using the tool”) has been designed, as far as possible, to be independent of each other. In reality, they are interlinked and rely on each other.

We would strongly recommend that you start with the “Strategy” module as all other managerial strategies take direction from your strategy.

The topics covered are based on a mix of the developer’s experience and knowledge contained in articles and books. The managerial strategies and critical performance areas defined in the tool are generic in nature catering for as wide an audience as possible. Not all of these will apply to your organization.

The tool has been designed to be a guide to help you to improve your organization’s performance. It is up to you to determine what needs to be done and how you are going to do it.

Accordingly, it is impossible to provide any guarantees that you will be able to successfully improve your organization based on the information provided.

In our design, we have tried to achieve a balance between providing core concepts and limiting information overload.

We have identified what we believe to be the core management strategies of any organization. Within these, we have identified several critical performance areas. We believe that if you get these areas in order you will be well on your way to improving your organization’s sustainability.

There are many more topics that could be included in the future. Our guiding principle to including further topics will be: Is this applicable to a majority of organizations?

Please email us on with suggestions where you would like to see additional information. We will try to meet your needs.

We have long held the view that the complexity of solutions leads to failure in implementation. The simplicity of the concept is far more likely to be successful in application. We thus have an ideology to simplify! 

However, simplifying is often not easy – you need to know what you are doing before you can simplify things!

We want to help you succeed in your venture and believe that “simplify” is going to help you in going forward.

TOM stands for Target Operating Model. You deliver your strategy through your operating model. Your target operating model is what you are striving towards to implement your strategy.

Whilst a strategy is important, your TOM is vital in ensuring the success of its implementation.

TOM in our name signifies the operations you are trying to improve upon.

Is your organization performing optimally?

What are you going to do to improve your performance?

Where are you going to get affordable advice that will guide you in optimizing your organization?

Unsure of the answers? Then these are compelling reasons for you to register to this tool.