2. The Entrepreneurial Leader

You have successfully built your organization. You now have employees who know more about the daily operations that you do. Your role is in the transition from being the entrepreneur where you were responsible for everything whilst you built the organization to one of leading your team.

How well are you coping in this new role? Are you still trying to do everything and are effectively getting in the way? Or are you leading the team to greater heights?

There are several activities that you can get right that will help you in the transition from entrepreneur to leader:

  • Have a clearly defined vision for where you see your organization going. Continuously communicate this vision and make sure that everyone is working towards achieving it.
  • Encourage communication. This is not only your communication on where the organization is going and how well you are doing, but also encouraging open and accurate communication within the organization. Such communication could be between management and staff, across divisions, with suppliers or with customers. The focus of your communication efforts is to encourage working together for a better result.
  • Support your staff. Listen to your employees, ask their opinion, and ask how you can help them. Don’t reprimand rather ask how things could have been done differently? Be seen as a solutions enabler. Provide positive feedback. Lead by example.
  • Be involved. Don’t sit in an office all day. Rather regularly walk around and spend time with your employees. Ask your employees how they are contributing to the success of your customer and thus the success of the organization.
  • Encourage your employees to grow and learn. Encourage them to learn continuously, to determine how they can improve customer service, and encourage them to take appropriate risks.

  • Be honest in all your dealings with your employees. Honesty creates trust and confidence. You will get more out of employees that trust and believe in you.
  • Share successes. Don’t hog the limelight but rather let your employees share in the success and accolades.
  • Encourage an atmosphere conducive to growth. Encourage the sharing of ideas and opinions. Let your employees develop solutions to their problems. Encourage your employees to grow and thrive.
  • Believe in yourself and the success of your organization.
  • Persevere especially when things get tough. Continue in your pursuit of excellence despite barriers and criticism.

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